„At the beginning you have no plan, only an idea of what the film might be. Then you say, „oh, that´s good, that´s a story, that´s a character, there´s themes in here we are happy with“, and it all holds together. Then you bring in the actors, the art department, costume department and everybody else in and things start shifting ever since. I mean, we still got the same map, we know the destination, but there´s been some meandering going on…

And finally when you´re editing, and that´s the major point, you realize you shot everything in the wrong order. So we move it around again. But it ends up being the same film.

It´s always strange how that happens, I get quite mystical about it. I basically feel the film is making itself and it forces us all to march at the beat of its drum, and not mine.“

Terry Gilliam, Monty Python-Mitglied & Regisseur (Brazil, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus), zitiert aus dem podcast The BBC Film Programme (2009)

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